About Us

Benevon was founded in 1996 by Terry Axelrod, a professional fundraiser and social worker who committed herself to teaching others her proven, successful model for fundraising. She designed the Benevon Model for Sustainable Funding after working for more than twenty-five years in the nonprofit sector.

The model crystallized for Terry in 1995, after working as the first development director at an inner city school in Seattle. There she designed and implemented the fundraising and marketing programs, which yielded $7.2 million in this two-and-a-half-year period, as well as national recognition of the program including a cover story in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Benevon began in 1996 (as Raising More Money) with workshops held primarily in Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Since then, more than 4,000 teams from organizations of all types and sizes have demonstrated that the Benevon Model for non profit fundraising can provide an effective pathway to financial sustainability.

The day-to-day operations of Benevon as an organization are structured around the same model taught in our two-day workshops, with a focus on building lasting relationships with the nonprofit organizations served. Our Benevon staff take great pride in knowing that their work allows nonprofit organizations to achieve the financial resources necessary to fulfill on their missions.

  • The Benevon Story: The origins of Benevon as told by founder Terry Axelrod.
  • Who We Are: Meet our highly trained instructors, and coaches, and dedicated staff.
  • We Believe: Get some background on our nonprofit training philosophy.
  • Benevon Name and Logo Story: What's in a name? Learn more about the Benevon name and logo.
  • Printable Benevon Brochures: Download our informational brochure with details about our programs and services.
  • Press Resources: A brief summary of Benevon's mission, services, and other essential information for the press.
  • Partner Affiliates: Organizations whose work complements the work of Benevon to create non profit sustainability.
  • Contact Us: Contact a representative today to learn how Benevon can help your non-profit cultivate donor relationships and achieve financial sustainability.

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