Benevon Sustainable Funding Program Informational Conference Call

After the first year of training and coaching, many Benevon alumni are tempted to think they can do this alone. They did well at their first Ask Event and can see the value of this mission-based approach.

Since many first Ask Events harvested cumulative "ripened fruit" that had been growing for years, most groups are unable to repeat or maintain that initial success without deepening the model and taking it to a fuller level of implementation.

Please join us for a special conference call designed just for Benevon 101 alumni. Find out about the Benevon Sustainable Funding Program and Benevon 201, the next step in the Benevon curriculum. Learn what it will take to develop a cultivation system that will continually grow your new supporters into major donors.

This one-hour call is free of charge. However, you are responsible for all long-distance or out-of-plan fees associated with your participation in these sessions.

The call is open to team members from organizations that have attended the two-day Benevon 101 Workshop. You must pre-register to participate on the call. Registration for all conference calls is limited.

The date and time of the upcoming call is:

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