Special Feature: New Benevon Book Gets it Right

This article is available until October 8, 2017
New Benevon Book Gets it Right From Terry’s just-released book, The Benevon Model for Sustainable Funding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting it Right, Second Edition. The first 50 orders of the new book or the new complete library set will get their copy of the new book autographed by Terry.

When I started Benevon in 1996, I had one distinct intention: to give nonprofits a step-by-step process for deeply engaging individuals as long-term donors and supporters of their real work.

Over the years, the Benevon staff and I have learned so much from working with such a large and diverse group of nonprofit organizations. Benevon has earned a reputation as both a fundraising model and a community engagement model. In fact, so many people have heard of or been exposed to some part of the Benevon Model, it comes as no surprise that some would want to fit those pieces into their existing fundraising efforts.

Yet the Benevon Model for Sustainable Funding is a finely tuned, evidence-based system of complex and interdependent processes, and to be successful, it must be implemented in its entirety, following the specific processes and formulas I describe in this new edition.

This book synthesizes the most critical learnings of the Benevon Model and makes them available for first-time implementers. It is designed for small to mid-sized nonprofits who want to get started on their own and who want to do it right. While this will not take the place of working with Benevon directly, those who carefully follow the tried and tested directions in this book will not waste their time and will avoid the biggest mistakes of self-implementation.

Many parts of the Benevon Model are counterintuitive; that is, they seem exactly the opposite of what you might think works best. Why, for example, begin your Ask Event at the scheduled time if not everyone has taken their seats? Shouldn’t you wait another 10 minutes to begin, being flexible with these people whom you are about to ask for support? The answer is no. You may think that doesn’t make any sense, but Benevon’s years of experience with more than a million guests at Ask Events has taught us that what works best is to begin at the scheduled time.

This second edition, significantly updated to include our latest systems and practices, is based on the hard-won wisdom that only comes from painstaking and extensive work in the field. If you are willing to take on and follow the rules distilled from what we have learned, you will be rewarded with a breakthrough in sustainable funding for your organization.

Terry Axelrod
Seattle, Washington

Contact Benevon today to learn how the Benevon Model for nonprofit fundraising can help you develop an effective fundraising campaign and cultivate committed lifelong donors.

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