Benevon 101 - Building Sustainable Funding for Your Mission

Our signature year-long program, Benevon 101, will train and coach your team of seven people to design and successfully implement a mission-based system for raising sustainable funding from individuals.
Benevon 101: Building Sustainable Funding for Your Mission Benevon 101 includes:
  • Two rigorous, fast-paced days of workshop sessions for your team of seven people
  • Private telephone coaching with your team every eight to ten weeks following the workshop

At the Benevon 101 workshop:

  • Your carefully crafted team of seven people—board members, staff, and volunteers—sits at its own round table in a room with teams from other nonprofit organizations.
  • Our instructor guides your team through a workbook of scripts and templates, tailoring every aspect of the Benevon Model to your organization's unique needs.
  • By the end of this dynamic two-day workshop, with the help of your coach, your organization will have a customized plan for systematically building lifelong donors through Point of Entry Events, cultivation, Asking, and Free Feel-Good Cultivation Events.

Your team will learn to:

  • Determine the legacy you want to leave for your organization
  • Customize your organization's emotional appeal
  • Identify and reach your real audience
  • Design a system for generating multiple-year operating funds
  • Ask "naturally"
  • Retool special events to leverage your fundraising plan and stay true to your mission
  • Cultivate lifelong donors

2017 Tuition:

  • Tuition is $18,000 per team of seven participants.
    • Tuition includes follow-up coaching over the next year.
    • Please note that tuition does not include travel and lodging expenses.
  • All payments must be made by check. We do not accept credit cards.

Team requirements:

  • The Benevon 101 workshop is for teams of seven people from the board, staff, and volunteers from a single organization.
  • Your team should consist of two to three staff members, two to three board members, and two to three additional volunteers.
  • One staff member must be your CEO, Executive Director, or equivalent position.
  • One development staff or development volunteer should also be on the team.
  • One team member must be identified as the Team Leader.
  • Each team member must be willing to devote two to three hours per week for one year to the team.
  • This useful document spells out the Benevon 101 Workshop Team Make-Up, including roles and responsibilities for your Team Leader, team members, and board members.

Results you can expect:

  • On a first-year investment of $18,000 (plus travel expenses), the average group raises $200,000 in cash and pledges.
  • Read more about return on investment.

Ready to get started? Contact Benevon today for more information on how the Benevon Model for nonprofit fundraising can help your favorite nonprofit improve their fundraising events and eliminate this persistent struggle by engaging and developing relationships with passionate and committed lifelong donors.

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