What We Believe

At Benevon, we train and coach your nonprofit organization to implement a mission-based system for non profit fundraising from individual donors. This system ends the suffering about fundraising and builds passionate donors who are committed to the financial sustainability of your nonprofit.

What we are committed to:

  • Taking the pain out of fundraising for your nonprofit organization
  • Training and coaching your nonprofit to implement a customized, systematic process for engaging and developing relationships with individual donors and becoming financially self-sufficient
  • Giving your individual donors the opportunity to contribute to the life-changing work of your nonprofit organization and to make a difference with their money

What we believe:

We believe that sustainable funding is within the reach of every nonprofit organization if you are willing to do the hard work needed to attain it, by following our customized, step-by-step, systematic process over time. Our training and coaching programs provide the process and tools—training, templates, scripts, and rigorous coaching—to put your organization on the pathway to non profit sustainability. Your passion + our system = financial sustainability.

We believe that the #1 reason individuals continue to give is because they support and believe in the work and mission of your organization. Furthermore, we believe that when donors are truly connected to the impact of your organization's work and cultivated systematically over time, they will naturally make larger and larger gifts.

We believe that the annual fundraising "treadmill" is not inevitable. It is no longer necessary for your nonprofit to suffer on the fundraising treadmill, seeking year-to-year, gap-filling funding.

We believe the time has come in the evolution of the nonprofit sector for well-established small and mid-sized organizations of all types (as well as large nonprofits) to take their funding futures into their own hands, stepping off the annual fundraising treadmill and onto the path to financial sustainability, by systematically engaging and developing relationships with passionate, knowledgeable individual donors.

We believe it is possible for your organization, over time, to systematically build reserves or endowment funds to sustain operating shortfalls, protect your organization against tough times, and provide needed growth capital.

We believe that donors want to know that their gifts are making the desired impact. They want to see the long-term potential of your organization's impact being fulfilled in the world. Once fully engaged with your organization, they will want to support your plan to become financially self-sustaining.

Benevon's Eight Guiding Principles guide our work. For a frank delineation of what our work is really all about, we invite you to read Benevon's Eight Guiding Principles.