Benevon In the Press

Links to articles written about Benevon and the success of organizations we have trained.

2017—Benevon: "Benevon's Partnership with Bloomerang"

2016—Meyer Foundation: "Building Fundraising Capacity Means Changing Organizational Culture"

2016—Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund: "A Culture Shift for Fundraising"

2015—CBC News - Information Morning with Don Connolly and Louise Renault: "Teaching Charities How to Fundraise"

2015—Habitat for Humanity of Dade County: "Jefferson Award winner helps turn dreams into reality"

2014—The Chronicle of Philanthropy: "Social-Service Groups Try Creative Holiday-Season Fundraising Tactics"

2014—NEW NewsNotes: "10 Tips for Staying Sane About Fundraising and Your Board"

2014—School Growth: "Fundraising Wisdom from an Expert"

2014—Behavioral Healthcare: "Fundraising: Share with the Community, and They Will Share with You"

2013—Behavioral Healthcare: "BH Blogger Buzz: Meet Terry Axelrod"

2013— "Point of Entry Raises Awareness of Nonprofits and Giving"

2013—Inside Philanthropy: "Loyal Donors Should Be Your Nonprofit's Ambassadors for Financial Sustainability"

2013—Advancing Philanthropy: "The Right Mix" (See page twenty-two for Benevon article.)

2013—NEW NewsNotes: "Picture This: Five Critical Characteristics of a Financially Self-Sustaining Nonprofit"

2012—The Chronicle of Philanthropy: "Small Charities Learn Lessons on How to Raise Big Money" (Reposted with permission of The Chronicle of Philanthropy.)

2012—Behavioral Healthcare: "Storytelling with a Financial Impact"

2011—Behavioral Healthcare: "Sustainable Funding: From Dream to Reality" (See page twenty-nine for Benevon article.)

2010— "How a Nonprofit Created Sustainable Funding"

2008—Merrill Lynch: "Nonprofit News" (See page five for Benevon article.)

Winter 2007/2008—Community Media Review: "Board Fundraising That Works"

January 2007—Seattle Business Monthly (Seattle, Wa.): "Donation Sustained." This article is about Terry Axelrod and Benevon.

January 21, 2007—The Washington Post: "This is for Charity?" Terry Axelrod, Benevon founder and CEO, is featured in this article (See page two for Benevon article.)

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