Benevon Model Overview

The Benevon ModelThe Benevon Model is a mission-centered, four-step, circular process for raising sustainable funding from individual donors. When customized to your nonprofit organization and implemented over time, your organization will systematically engage and develop lifelong relationships with donors who truly understand and support your work. This highly structured non profit fundraising system has been implemented successfully by over 5,000 nonprofit teams. (Visit our Testimonials page to read stories from organizations that have attended our workshops and implemented the Benevon Model.)

The Benevon Model is designed to get your organization off the annual fundraising treadmill and into the world of major gifts. We customize our step-by-step, proven system to the unique needs of your organization. Here's how it works:

Step One: The Point of Entry Event 
Potential donors get on the cycle by attending your Point of Entry Event at the invitation of a friend or colleague who serves as an Ambassador for your organization. This is a succinct, one-hour introductory event that educates and inspires guests with the facts and emotional appeal of the organization's work, focusing on your three overarching areas of impact and capturing each guest's name with permission.

Step Two: Follow up and involve
Guests then receive a personal Follow-Up Call to solicit their feedback, see if they would like to become involved in any way, and ask if there is anyone else they'd like to invite to one of your future Point of Entry Events. Those guests who are interested in learning more about your organization are involved and cultivated personally in whatever way they prefer.

Bless and Release
In the Follow-Up Call, Point of Entry guests who are not interested in learning more about your organization are let off the hook completely. This "Bless and Release" will pleasantly disarm people and, paradoxically, allow them to suggest others who would be interested in attending a future Point of Entry Event.

Step Three: Asking for money
After a period of personalized cultivation based on each person's impact area of greatest interest, many of your Point of Entry guests will be ready to be asked for money. In the Benevon Model, asking can occur one-on-one or at a Benevon Free One-Hour Ask Event.

Free One-Hour Ask Event
The Free One-Hour Ask Event is a signature Benevon event. After being cultivated extensively in the months before the event, guests are invited by their Ambassador to attend an inspiring, mission-focused, one-hour free breakfast or lunch fundraising event. At the end of this event, guests are asked to join your organization's Multiple-Year Giving Society by making a gift of at least $1,000 per year for the next five years. The Free One-Hour Ask Event differs from other, more traditional, fundraising events in that the guests will already have attended a Point of Entry, it is free to attend, and there is no obligation for guests to give.

Step Four: Introducing others; reconnecting existing donors
Finally, donors are re-connected to the mission of your organization at program-related Benevon Free Feel-Good Cultivation Events, and are encouraged to introduce others to your organization by becoming Ambassadors and inviting them to your Point of Entry Events.

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