Benevon 201 Requirements for Team Composition

Benevon 201 is for teams of eight to ten people from the board, staff and volunteers of a single organization that has attended Benevon 101 in the past 24 months and has been using the Benevon Model successfully.

Team composition requirements:

  • All of your team members must have been trained at the 101 level (i.e., must be alumni of the 101 Workshop or the New Team Member Intensive).
  • At least three of your Benevon 201 team members must have attended the full two-day Benevon 101 Workshop with a team from your organization.
  • Any remaining team members who have not attended Benevon 101 are required to participate in the online New Team Member Intensive prior to attending Benevon 201.
  • Your team should consist of two to three staff members, two to three board members, and two to three additional volunteers.
  • One staff team member must be your CEO or executive director. This person cannot be your Team Leader.
  • Team Leader is a full-time development staff member who must attend each year's workshop with your team.