Message from Terry - Benevon's Partnership with Bloomerang

Benevon's Partnership with Bloomerang
I'm very excited to announce the launch of our new strategic partnership with Bloomerang, the software solutions company founded by Benevon's long-time friend, Jay Love.

Our groups truly love this product for its intuitive ease of use, simplicity, and focus on building relationships.

That's why I felt it would be a great platform on which to build a special Benevon version that customizes our basic processes as you implement the Benevon Model.

There is so much donor contact required in our model and it all must be tracked in real time, which is why the web-based Bloomerang, when customized for Benevon, works perfectly!

I hope you will all come check it out on our upcoming Bloomerang for Benevon Webinar on March 14th, where Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang's Chief Engagement Officer, and I will be talking more about how to use the new product. Register for the webinar here.

Read the press release announcing our new partnership!

Happy New Year to all!



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