Is Your Human Services Organization on a Fundraising Treadmill?

Ever wondered why some organizations seem to have their fundraising figured out while your group continues to struggle?

Without a proper fundraising system even the most essential human services organizations can fail.

The Benevon Complete Starter Set is the ultimate fundraising program to help small to medium sized organizations serving children, families, health and human services, and the elderly, get on the path to true financial sustainability.

This two book and one DVD set about the Benevon Model, a systematic, mission- based approach to fundraising, is designed for human services groups that are serious about getting started and want to do it right.

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We believe the time has come in the evolution of the nonprofit sector for well-established small and mid-sized organizations of all types to take their funding futures into their own hands, stepping off the annual fundraising treadmill and onto the path to financial sustainability, by systematically engaging and developing relationships with passionate, knowledgeable individual donors.

What you will get:

1. The Benevon Model for Sustainable Funding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting it Right (New!) $79.95
2. Missionizing Your Special Events: How to Build a System of Events That Engages Donors Who Will Stay with You for Life $49.95
3. Creating Sustainable Funding for Your Nonprofit, our 55-minute DVD (New!) $19.95

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Complete Starter Set

"We believe in the model. I try to tell people simply, ‘This is the model: we tell people what we do, if you support what we do then you will support us. That's as simple as I can get it. We believe golf tournaments and bowling are all great things, but we want you to know our people.' And that's why I trust the model, because it focuses people and brings them to our mission."
—Assistant director,
housing and services for individuals with intellectual disabilities program

"We are very, very concerned about never turning anybody away, regardless of our financial situation. [Benevon] has helped us have that cushion to continue offering our high level of service without interruption."
—Director of development,
LGBT program