Fundraising for Schools? No More Candy Sales!

Have you ever wondered why some schools appear to be in a perpetual state of financial turmoil and are unable to get off the fundraising treadmill, while others demonstrate an uncanny ability to exceed annual fund expectations and increase the impact of their work.

The Benevon Complete Starter Set is the ultimate fundraising system to help small to medium sized schools implement a sustainable fundraising campaign. This two book and one DVD set about the Benevon Model, a systematic, mission-based approach to fundraising, is designed for schools that are serious about getting started on the path to sustainable funding and want to do it right.

For more information, contact the nonprofit training experts at Benevon today to learn more about how this fundraising system can work for your school.

What you will get:

1. The Benevon Model for Sustainable Funding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting it Right (New!) $79.95
2. Missionizing Your Special Events: How to Build a System of Events That Engages Donors Who Will Stay with You for Life $49.95
3. Creating Sustainable Funding for Your Nonprofit, our 55-minute DVD (New!) $19.95

Buy the Benevon Complete Starter Set now for $125.95! (15% discount!)

Buy the Benevon Complete Starter Set
Complete Starter Set

"It was obvious right away that people were soaking in our mission more successfully. We saw great benefits very early on through increased funding, enrollment, and general interest."
Christian school

"In the first year with Benevon we met our annual fund goals—goals that we hadn't met in five years, and we did it without our two largest events."
—Executive director,
public school foundation