Sustainable Funding Program Call for Board Members

For participants in Benevon's Sustainable Funding Program

This call is a great way for board members to hear best practices from board members of successful groups and to get re-inspired about achieving your goals! It is designed expressly for the needs of board members. Each call has a specific theme (such as cultivation, engaging the board, and roles of board members in the Benevon Model).

Please note: this call is open to all team members; however, questions and discussion on the call will be limited to Visionary Leaders and board members only.

Please encourage your board members to join us for these calls. Ask them to come prepared to share their successes and challenges, and to ask questions.

Our live conference calls provide an opportunity for groups in our Sustainable Funding Program to learn and ask questions about the Benevon Model in the comfort of your own home or office. These calls are open to Sustainable Funding Program team members only who must register to participate on the call. If your organization is not participating in the Sustainable Funding Program, you will not receive the dial-in information for these calls. Registration for all calls is limited.

All conference calls are free of charge. However, you are responsible for all long-distance or out-of-plan fees associated with your participation in these sessions. Each call is one hour long. Times and dates are subject to change.

There are no calls currently scheduled. Please watch for an email update about upcoming calls.

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