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Benevon Sustainable Funding Blog

Five Tips for Cultivating “Expiring” Donors

It happens. Five years ticks by quickly. Before you know it, the wonderful donors who ...
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Recognizing Major Donors

Rate of Pledge Pay-Off

Q: What percentage of Multiple-Year Giving Society pledges ($1,000 or more for five years) do people ...
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The CEO Golden Hour—Option 3: One-on-One Meetings with Donors

This is the third and final feature in our three-part series entitled the CEO Golden ...
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Inviting Guests to the Point of Entry

Recognizing Multiple-Year Giving Society Donors

Q: We are working on our recognition plan for our Multiple-Year Giving Society Donors. What ...
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Dealing with Table Overflow at the Ask Event

How Many Donors Can One Staff Member Manage?

Q: I am new to my organization and they've used the Benevon Model for about ...
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The CEO Golden Hour—Option 2: Small Group Lunches

What does it mean to "cultivate" a donor and how would a busy CEO find ...
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The CEO Golden Hour—Option 1: Calling Donors

What does it mean to "cultivate" a donor and how would a busy CEO find ...
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Choosing Units of Service

Q: We want to structure our giving units based on the Benevon suggestion of $1,000, ...
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White Paper—The Power of Getting it Right: Five Rules

White Paper—Is Your Donor Ready to be Asked?

Read our free white paper, Is Your Donor Ready to be Asked? Can You Answer ...
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Cultivation Tip #1: Think Like a Donor

To get insights into how to cultivate a donor, the place to start is to ...
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Results are the Best Recognition

Ask any donor what type of recognition they most like to receive for their gift ...
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Leaning Too Heavily on Your Board?

Showing Donors the Impact of their Donation

Q: Do donors expect an explanation of what is being done with their donations? Sam ...
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"As a team, we have learned a common language, developed a plan, and are on the same page for how we will proceed over the next twelve months."

Michael Mortell, Vice President of Development
Special Olympics Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

"It is amazing to finally have a blueprint for success - our organization and the people we serve deserve this to last! Never in my career as a young professional fundraiser have I felt the kind of relief and support that the Benevon Model has provided. Personally, and on behalf of my organization, I am so grateful."

Bethany Kern, Marketing and Special Events Consultant
FAVOR Greenville (Faces & Voices of Recovery)
Greenville, North Carolina

"Benevon has provided a brand new paradigm for us. Its framework and coaching are necessary elements to create sustainable nonprofit funding."

Andrew Dungan, Director of Marketing and Community Relations
Griefs Journey (formerly Ted E Bear Hollow)
Omaha, Nebraska