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Integrating Volunteers Into the Benevon Model

Q: Hello, we are starting to use the Benevon Model and have a question about volunteers. Is it important to integrate volunteers into the Benevon Model? We are trying to figure out a volunteer tracking system (for tracking their hours, etc.) and before we go down that road, I thought I would see the extent to which this is necessary/helpful while using Benevon. If volunteers fall outside the Benevon Model, then we will do a very basic tracking system (thorough Google docs or something like that). But, if volunteers should be integrated within the Benevon Model, then we need to figure out how to make that work.

Abbie in Tennessee

The main role for volunteers in the Benevon Model is being an Ambassador. An Ambassador is a short-term volunteer who commits to hosting a private, invitation-only Point of Entry Event for ten or more guests. We find that most donor databases will allow you to track this type of volunteer activity. Since many Ambassadors will be current donors, it’s ideal to track that activity in the same place as all donor communication and activity.

There are no other significant volunteer roles within the Benevon Model. If your organization uses volunteers in your programs, you should consider your needs for a volunteer tracking system with that in mind. Otherwise, a great donor database will get the job done. Bloomerang is a full data tracking system that is web-based and very user friendly, and allows for tracking volunteers. They offer a private label version called Bloomerang for Benevon that is customized to the Benevon Model. If you are in the market for a donor database, we highly recommend you consider using their program.