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Board Buy-In

Q: What if we do not have full board buy-in for this approach?

Claire in Georgia

A: While you will likely not have 100% of your board initially overjoyed about the prospect of implementing the Benevon Model, you do need the majority of your board to be in favor of launching this process.

Put yourself in their shoes:

  • If they have served on non-profit boards before, they have been well trained to assume that the mere mention of any type of fundraising means they will be asked to ask their friends for money.
  • They don’t fully understand the key distinctions of the Benevon model—the Point of Entry Event, follow-up (including “bless and release”), and the cultivation process.
  • They don’t understand that their role will not be to ask their friends for money.
  • Rather, if they choose to participate as Ambassadors (which is optional), they will be inviting friends to non-ask, get-acquainted events and that a staff member from your organization will follow up with them for their feedback—not their money.
  • In other words, the Point of Entry Event is when the relationship is transferred from the board member to the organization, if the guest is truly interested in the mission of the organization.

Once board members come to understand that, should your organization adopt the Benevon approach, their role will be to introduce people to your mission at your inspiring and educational one-hour Point of Entry Events (especially after they have attended one themselves), they generally become much more willing to support the process.

If you choose to work with Benevon, your team needs to include two to three board members, i.e., not all of your board needs to participate actively in your implementation.

Ideally, the rest of the board members will become supportive, once they have attended a Point of Entry themselves and have come to trust the process. Many will become volunteer Ambassadors, hosting and filling a private Point of Entry with ten or more of their friends or colleagues.

Do not be discouraged if some board members never become interested in participating in this at all. That’s okay, so long as they do not stand in the way of you doing it.

I’d recommend having your board watch our 55-minute video and work with us to directly to answer their questions. before you decide to implement this process.