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Prospective Board Members

Q: Our organization has been implementing the Benevon Model for several years. What would be your advice on how to best introduce Benevon to prospective board members to get them excited and involved but not to overwhelm them?

Alice in Wisconsin

A: Start by explaining to prospective board members that your goal is the long-term financial sustainability of the organization, getting off the year-to-year fundraising “treadmill.”

Invite each prospective board member to your powerful Point of Entry Event—your “tour of your mission.” When you follow up, explain to them that the Point of Entry they attended is part of a larger fundraising model your organization is using, something to build a stronger connection with donors over time. Explain that the model is mission-focused, and that its purpose is to find passionate individual donors who care about your organization and will stay with you for life.

If one of your prospective board members wants additional information about the Benevon Model, direct them to our fifty-five-minute video, Creating Sustainable Funding for Your Nonprofit.