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The Benevon Model in Small Communities

How can we prepare our board for getting started with the Benevon Model? How do we explain to them what’s different about it?

Q: Our city has a population of fewer than 100,000. There are only a handful of people with significant money. How can we be successful with the Benevon Model?

Tara in Colorado

A: Start by getting to know the donors you already have. Aim to deepen your relationship with them, by inviting them to a private Point of Entry Event hosted by a board member, for example. Aim to have some of these longtime supporters become Ambassadors who host their own private Points of Entry.

Let these existing supporters, very organically, lead you to the next group of interested people. Then follow the steps in the Benevon Model.

Rather than starting by identifying the few wealthy people (who may not have any natural connection to your organization anyway), work to engage your existing supporters first and trust in the power of their relationships and passion for your mission to fan out into the broader community.