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Rate of Pledge Pay-Off

Recognizing Major Donors

Q: What percentage of Multiple-Year Giving Society pledges ($1,000 or more for five years) do people actually pay off?

Mary in Oklahoma

A: The rate of pledge pay-off is typically about 95%.

While that might sound exceptionally high, put yourself in these donors’ shoes. They feel connected to your organization because you keep in touch with them personally. They never become strangers. They only become closer friends of the organization’s family.

In addition to attending at least one Free Feel-Good Cultivation Event during the year, all Multiple-Year Giving Society Donors are cultivated one-on-one two times per year. Many choose to become Ambassadors and then Table Captains in subsequent years. By inviting their own friends and family to their private Point of Entry and the Ask Event, they are deepening their own resolve about the good work of the organization.

Not paying off their pledge is never a consideration for the great majority of these donors. In fact, many Multiple-Year Giving Society Donors pay them off early and increase the amount of their pledge or extend their existing pledge after the initial five years.