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Is One-on-One the Only Way to Ask?

Ask Benevon: The Ask Event is Not a First Date

Q: If someone has attended our Point of Entry and gotten involved but can’t come to our Ask Event, is one-on-one the only way to ask them to join our Multiple-Year Giving Society? What about our year-end annual appeal or other special mailings?

 Amber in California

 A: Yes, asking one-on-one is the only way. Do not send a letter asking people to join your Multiple-Year Giving Society for $1,000+ a year for five years.

If you blend in the higher Multiple-Year Giving Society giving levels into your normal annual appeal letter, it will confuse people who have been accustomed to being asked for smaller gifts in the annual letter.

Once someone joins your Multiple-Year Giving Society, you should take them off your direct mail list and cultivate them personally as a major donor.