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About Benevon

Founded in 1996

Benevon was founded in 1996 by Terry Axelrod, a professional fundraiser and social worker who committed herself to teaching others her proven, successful fundraising strategies.

Terry designed the Benevon Model for Sustainable Funding after working for more than twenty-five years in the nonprofit sector.

Since then, more than 5,000 teams from organizations of all types and sizes have demonstrated that the Benevon Model for non profit fundraising can provide an effective pathway to financial sustainability, raising more than $1 billion collectively.


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Who We Are

We Believe

We are committed to:

  • Taking the pain out of fundraising for your nonprofit organization.
  • Training and coaching your nonprofit to implement a customized, systematic process for engaging and developing relationships with individual donors and becoming financially self-sufficient.
  • Giving your individual donors the opportunity to contribute to the life-changing work of your nonprofit organization and to make a difference with their money.

We believe that sustainable funding is within the reach of every nonprofit organization that is willing to…

"We headed into last year with $40,000 in our operating accounts (not reserve or endowment). This year we are heading in with $212,000. That's a huge difference."

Barbara Auten, Executive Director
Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Our first Ask Event was a smashing success! We raised over $305,000 from less than 200 people, and the feedback from the people who attended has been phenomenal—extremely positive. We are elated by the results."

Bruce Uditsky, CEO
Inclusion Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta