Storytelling with a Financial Impact

Woman speaking at a podium at a mental health conference

Storytelling with a Financial Impact
Behavioral Healthcare
April 2, 2012
by Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief
Mental Health Systems engages public, raises funds, by deciding to tell its story
Mental Health Systems (MHS, San Diego, Calif.) grew from a small provider of psychiatric day treatment and alcoholism recovery services in 1978 to a $90 million provider of mental health, corrections and rehabilitation, alcohol and drug, and professional education for behavioral health providers. MHS employs over 800 people and operates more than 90 community based programs, bringing services to thousands throughout California and Utah.
A vital element of MHS’ growth has hinged on its ability to develop needed programs of service and keep those programs funded through a complex mix of funding streams from grants, state funds, and county funds. And, within the past two years, MHS has added a modest new funding stream—philanthropy—as well as a new and highly engaged group of volunteers…