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Ask Benevon

Benevon is happy to receive questions from our E-New$ subscribers!

Benevon is happy to receive questions from our E-New$ subscribers!

However, due to the volume of messages, we cannot guarantee a response to every question.

To get more in-depth information about the Benevon Model, we recommend reading our books, which go into detail about the Benevon Model.

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"Without the model, we would be a rudderless ship navigating uncharted waters. With it, we have directions and support."

Charlie Brown, General Manager, Franciscan Renewal Center
Scottsdale, Arizona

"Great training! Lots of work, but it feels more doable than the outdated gala we've been doing for years. Feels more genuine."

Anthony Ross, Outlet Program Director, Adolescent Counseling Services
Redwood City, California

"I was chairman of another nonprofit when we began with Benevon six years ago. I've seen the success we've achieved there. Now I've brought a new nonprofit, of which I'm chairman, and foresee the same success for it by following the Benevon Model."

Tom O'Brien, Board Chair, Marbridge Foundation
Mancacha, Texas