Benevon Quiz

Benevon Quiz

Think You Know the Benevon Model?

Benevon would not still be here, working solely with nonprofit organizations, if we were not producing predictable, consistent, measurable results.

Our evidence-based practices are honed and refined continuously, based on our learnings. If we see that something is not working, we change it. If we find a better way to produce the results, we adopt it.

With that in mind, take this quiz to see how well you know the Benevon Model.

Are you ready for Benevon?

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"As an owner of a franchise, I value a proven model. Benevon can bring success to the organizations that have total buy-in and a commitment to the work needed for execution."

Caroline Moore, Board Vice President, Sustainability
Family Advocates
Boise, Idaho

"[Benevon] is the single most effective fundraising model that exists! This model is designed with integrity and heart, and comes from a context of knowing deeply who people are and their longing to make a difference with their lives, with their money, and with their vision. People who follow the model simply cannot fail."

Lynne Twist, Co-Founder and Board Member
Pachamama Alliance
San Francisco, California

"Benevon provides the skill training and tools necessary for us to bring light into a world of needs. We're grateful!"

Fr. Joe Schwab, Executive Director
Franciscan Renewal Center
Scottsdale, Arizona