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"Because of the Benevon training and working with our coach, I have great clarity about how best to use my time, organize my department's work, and motivate others to support the organization I love!"

Angie Moeller, Director, Advancement and Grants
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa, California

"I love the relationship approach to sustaining our outreach to the community. A softer, gentler approach to fundraising."

Pat Berryman, Board Member
Round Rock, Texas

"I have attended many professional workshops and I feel like this was one of the most effective and efficiently run workshops I've ever been to. The Benevon trainers really want you to walk away with a plan that has been customized for your organization rather than teaching the lowest common denominator."

Amanda Opitz, Communications Coordinator
YWCA Missoula
Missoula, Monatana