Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Points of Entry have been very successful during COVID times. Because people are at home and more accustomed to meeting virtually, we find many organizations are able to exceed our minimum requirement for two private, Ambassador-hosted-and-filled Points of Entry per month, each with a minimum of ten guests. Shorten your Point of Entry to 30-40 minutes, ideally with a live testimonial story at each of your three “bucket stops.”

Aim to recruit a minimum of one new Ambassador (who will host and fill a subsequent Point of Entry) out of your follow-up calls after each Point of Entry.

These Ambassadors become Table Captains for your virtual Ask Event, which should be fully pre-recorded and last no longer than forty minutes. As with your prior, live Ask Events, your virtual Ask Event culminates in an Ask, with a link to your giving platform, following the standard Benevon format. Invite donors to join your Multiple-Year Giving Society by making a five-year pledge at one of your three giving levels ($1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 for five years or $1,000, $10,000, and $25,000 for five years). Aim to have a challenge gift announced at the Ask Event to be used as a match for what is raised at the event or for a limited number of hours afterwards. If you have done the proper Point of Entry work leading up to the Ask Event and have a minimum of 40% of Ask Event guests who have attended a Point of Entry Event in the prior twelve months, you should enjoy good success!

"It makes me so proud that our attention is focused toward including others in our work in ways that are meaningful to them and are not aimed solely at their ability to give financially."

Travis Jones, Executive Director
Houston, Texas

"The Benevon Model is by far the best I have seen. It institutionalizes across the school sound and effective fundraising practices. Too often the hard job of raising money is left to a few people. Those few people have many things to do in addition to raising money. The Benevon Model builds a team and shares the load."

Victoria Kennedy, Head of School
Bradford Christian Academy
Haverhill, Massachusetts