Inside a Benevon 101 Workshop

Inside a Benevon 101 Workshop

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Our signature year-long program, Benevon 101, will train and coach your team of seven to ten people to design and successfully implement a customized mission-based system for engaging your community and raising sustainable major gifts from individuals.

Female: This will provide us a pathway from doing our year-to-year treadmill of fundraising to really building sustainability for our organization.

Male: We've done this kind of by happenstance. Up to now, we're really looking for what's the process by which we can be successful.

Male: One of the biggest challenges we face is how we get our board and our volunteer's fundraising for us and the Benevon model gives them a really easy way of just inviting their friends and to learn about our organization without having to worry about making a financial commitment.

Female: There's a whole system here that allows us as board members to find our role to participate in a constructive way to meet the needs of the agency, and to measure the success of that work.

Male: I mean, I know all this stuff. I do. I've been doing fundraising for a long time. What's incredibly helpful is the structure, the discipline, and the coaching.

Male: The most surprising element about the workshop is really the instructors and the coaches really working with us one-on-one in every step of the way, and really helping us develop our plan, and it's been really great.

Male: Well, the biggest aha moment that I've had so far is the stories. You want to make sure that when the stakeholders or the visitors that want to learn more about your organization, you want to make sure that they leave there knowing one or two stories that they are going to remember when you follow-up with a phone call.

Female: My biggest insight from the Benevon workshop so far has been that we've been reminded about why we do this work, and the importance of [INAUDIBLE 00:01:42] on that when we go out and do our fund development.

Female: What I see possible for our organization is a dramatic growth and our ability to raise and restricted many funds that we can decide how to use based on our particular needs.

Female: The advice that I will give to anybody trying to bring us into their organization is that it's a way of doing relationship building that will continue to evolve and grow the constituent base.

Male: What I'm really looking forward to taking back to the board is really a process or a methodology for the way that we're actually going to create our fund development strategy.

Female: I was skeptical at the beginning. I was skeptical because we were already raising a lot of money. We are a very successful agency. And my thought was, "Why would we have to pay someone to help us raise money when we're already raising money?" My advice for any board members who are considering the Benevon process is to put aside whatever your levels of skepticism is and jump in.

Female: I'm looking forward to going back to the office and telling everyone the richness of the story that we have to share that I found here at Benevon.

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"Finally, after 20 years in fundraising, I feel that I am working in a sustainable program that produces results. You helped us "own" it, and motivated the team to make adjustments and keep moving forward. We are so grateful and blessed!"

Kathy Rader, Head of School
StoneBridge School
Chesapeake, Virginia

"I have been involved in the non-profit world for at least 30 years, but only now through Benevon have I begun to really understand how fundraising should be handled."

Randy Baker, Board Member
The Rape Crisis Center
San Antonio, Texas

"As a PR expert, I immediately felt that the mission-based engagement focus is exactly what all nonprofit organizations need in order to successfully fundraise."

Julia Joy, Board Member
Giraffe Laugh Early Learning Centers
Garden City, Idaho