Sustainable Funding Program

Sustainable Funding Program

Over 5,000 Teams Trained, More Than $1 Billion Raised

After successfully implementing the Benevon Model the first year, your organization will have a better sense of the fundraising potential—and complexity—of our seemingly simple model and may choose to join our five-year Sustainable Funding Program in your second year.

The Benevon five-year Sustainable Funding Program is our special training and coaching package designed for groups serious about developing a culture of engagement and a robust major gifts program. Staying with the model over time, your organization will significantly increase funding from individual donors year after year, building a strong major gifts program, funding for capital, and endowment.

Our upper-level Benevon five-year Sustainable Funding Program begins with Benevon 201 and includes:

  • Five annual workshops of successively advanced content and coaching, customized to the needs of your organization
  • Special online training for your new team members as they join your team each year
  • Create a step-by-step plan for attaining long-term financial sustainability and community engagement
  • Attend a two-day workshop each calendar year for five years with your team of eight to ten people and receive private coaching every eight to ten weeks each year
  • Train new team members with the Benevon New Team Member Intensive to bring them up to speed on the Benevon Model for non profit fundraising, so long as they are all from the same local office as your original team and will be doing their fundraising together at one Ask Event
  • Attend national conference calls with other Sustainable Funding Program participants to discuss specific challenges and best practices 
  • Lock in our current tuition rates
  • Assure Benevon's commitment to support your organization in attaining sustainable funding

Workshop Descriptions

Read a description of each workshop level in our Benevon Curriculum, starting with Benevon 101: Sustainable Funding for Your Mission.

Workshop Calendar

Register a team for a workshop, add team members, or look up deadlines.

Benevon Sustainable Funding Conference

Our 2016 Sustainability Circle of Excellence Award Winners raised an impressive combined total of $63.5 million attributable to the Benevon Model.

Do you want a Culture of Philanthropy?

Contact the fundraising experts at Benevon today to learn how we will help you create lifelong passionate donors and achieve a culture of philanthropy in your organization.

"At our first workshop, Terry said that we would have major donors three years from then that we didn't even know at that time. She was absolutely correct! It's been about eight years since then. We now have major donors we didn't know then, and we add new ones each year."

Tom O'Brien, Board Chair
Marbridge Foundation
Mancacha, Texas

"If we look back to 101 and our first step in the Benevon Model to having just completed 301, the distance our organization has come and how we have grown and changed is something to truly celebrate."

Randy Mascorella, Executive Director
Special Olympics New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house. The video was fantastic. Our two parent speakers were amazing. The feedback has just been tremendous and we've been able to add a lot of Ambassadors and really just see it continue to grow."

Heather Matz, Development Director
Respite Care, Inc.
Fort Collins, Colorado