Recorded Benevon Sustainable Funding Program Informational Conference Call

This call is open to organizations who have attended our two-day Benevon 101 workshop only.

After the first year of training and coaching, many Benevon alumni are tempted to think they can do this alone. They did well at their first Ask Event and can see the value of this mission-based approach.

Since many first Ask Events harvested cumulative "ripened fruit" that had been growing for years, most groups are unable to repeat or maintain that initial success without deepening the model and taking it to a fuller level of implementation.

Listen to this special conference call designed just for Benevon 101 alumni to find out about the Benevon Sustainable Funding Program and Benevon 201, the next step in the Benevon curriculum.

Learn what it will take to develop a cultivation system that will continually grow your new supporters into major donors.

Benevon Sustainable Funding Program Informational Conference Call

Recorded November 29, 2018

Our testimonial speakers have generously contributed their stories with the understanding that our readers will not contact them directly. Instead, please contact us with your questions. Thank you for your consideration.

"Benevon's roadmap, learned through workshops, precision coaching, and commitment to following the model, is the perfect tool for assuring Corpus Christi Metro Ministries’ growth into our next thirty years of unparalleled service to our community."

Patty Clark, CEO/Executive Director
Corpus Christi Metro Ministries
Corpus Christi, Texas

"One of the best workshops I have been to as COO - so very important to the mission of not-for-profit facilities."

Rick Smith, Chief Operating Officer
Health Central Hospital
Orlando, Florida

"Benevon empowers executive directors by letting them know that they are not alone, but part of a supportive team. ED isolation worry be gone!"

Shireen Lewis, Executive Director
Washington, District of Columbia