Workshop Calendar

Workshop Calendar

Are You Ready to Create a Culture of Philanthropy?

Let us help you learn to raise long-term sustainable funding from passionate individual donors who love your organization's mission and will stay with you for life.

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Benevon Advanced Sustainability Workshop (Virtual)

What will our team learn in the Benevon Advanced Sustainability Workshop?

"Our organization has received donations of various sizes through the years but we never knew what to expect. The Benevon 101 course will help us develop a long-term, sustainable, structured giving program."

Christian Strange, Board Member
LGBT Life Center
Norfolk, Virginia

"Unique among fundraising consultants, Benevon consistently helps organizations promote their mission through a programmatic sustainable funding program."

Steve Novotny, Executive Director
Cypress Christian School
Houston, Texas

"The workshop atmosphere created an engaging experience that brought more to mind than funds: to make a greater connection with those we serve."

Niccole Nelson, Board President
Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance CDC
Detroit, Michigan