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The best way to learn about the Benevon Model for Sustainable Funding is by viewing one of our engaging recorded webinars.

We also offer several free videos. These short, fast-paced videos are an ideal way for staff, board, and volunteers to learn an overview of the Benevon Model from the comfort of your own home or office.




Recorded Webinars



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Test your knowledge of the Benevon Model.

Benevon Brochure Download

Print the Benevon Brochure and the Benevon Model handout to share with your colleagues.



Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions!

"Just ask me - this is drop dead great with awesome detail and templates."

Bob Wright, CEO and Co-Founder
Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential
Chicago, IL

"The service-oriented nature of Benevon leadership is remarkably helpful. They hold themselves to the high standards of relationship building and professionalism that they promote in the program itself."

Steve Hammond, Principal
Saint Patrick Catholic School
Norfolk, Virginia

"I found the Benevon training to be the most organized, complete, and fulfilling training or workshop I've attended in 50 years of non-profit work. Recommend to any organization working on sustainable funding."

David Dolder, Former Board Member
STAND! For Families Free of Violence
Concord, California