Recorded Introductory Webinars

Learn about the Benevon Model at your own pace by viewing previously recorded webinars.

These recorded webinars will introduce you to the Benevon Model—a systematic process for engaging and developing relationships with individual donors.

The Benevon Model—Five Key Metrics for Getting It Right

Benevon pulls back the curtain on our tested formulas and processes, positioning your organization properly for long-term success with the model, and teaches our five key metrics for success.

Launching the Benevon Model Video Tutorial Kick-Off

Learn precisely how our Launching the Benevon Model Video Tutorial series will support your organization in customizing the first two steps of the Benevon Model.

Engaging Your Board in Creating Sustainable Funding

Terry explains how to engage every board member in the major gifts process without requiring that they ever ask for money.

Missionizing Your Special Events

How to design a system of mission-infused events using Benevon's systematic process for assessing the merits of your current special events and strategically infusing them with your mission.

Engaging Your Community as Ambassadors and Donors

Terry presents Benevon's system for identifying, recruiting, and supporting a self-sustaining pipeline of passionate Ambassadors who will deeply engage individuals from the broader community in your organization's mission.

Turning Volunteers into Donors

In this webinar, Terry Axelrod joins Verified Volunteers to teach viewers how to:

  • Deeply engage volunteers in their mission
  • Show volunteers the impact of their work
  • Convert volunteers into donors

Read the blog post or view the webinar on the Verified Volunteers website.

Bloomerang for Benevon

Software designer Jessica Hartnagle walks through Bloomerang for Benevon's distinct features, special fields, and reporting capabilities for tracking each step of the Benevon Model.

Fundraising Challenges & Opportunities in the Wake of Natural Disasters

This special online town hall webinar addresses fundraising challenges and opportunities following natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires, with Terry Axelrod, Founder & CEO of Benevon, and Steven Shattuck, Chief Engagement Officer at Bloomerang. Presented by Bloomerang.

"For everyone who could benefit from structure and systems that integrate your development efforts and make them hum, Benevon can help you do just that.”

Kenny Rogers, CEO
Fulfillment Fund
Los Angeles, California

"The Benevon fundraising system has changed our fundraising from special events to lifelong donors and friends.”

Lyn Garcia, Chief Development Officer
South Plains Food Bank
Lubbock, Texas

"The impact Benevon has had on our organization has been tremendous. It helped us implement a methodical fundraising system, which we did not have otherwise. The system makes sense and the people associated with Benevon are the real deal. They have the ability and skills to anticipate various scenarios and the tenacity and compassion to get you through them. Most of all, they truly want to help you raise money for your organization and that is, after all, what’s it’s all about!"

Michelle Levy, Vice President of Development
Marbridge Foundation
Manchaca, Texas