View the Engaging Your Community as Ambassadors and Donors Recorded Webinar

(Recorded July 12, 2017.)

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"This training was excellently done. Benevon is thorough, beyond measure, in thinking through every detail and step to give us a foundation for success. I highly recommend it."

Barbara Burgess, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Realization Officer
Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential
Chicago, Illinois

"Benevon helped our team have the confidence to envision a much brighter future for the women and children, moving from anxiety to realizing the abundance."

Carol Klocek, CEO
Center for Transforming Lives
Fort Worth, Texas

"Working with the Benevon team is like having the largest and most experienced development staff - all working for our mission!"

Cindy Hart, Development Director
Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center
Lawrence, Kansas