Free Videos

Free Videos

Watch & Learn

These short, fast-paced videos are an ideal way for staff, board, and volunteers to learn an overview of the Benevon Model from the comfort of your own home or office.

55-Minute Recorded Seminar: Creating Sustainable Funding for Your Nonprofit

If you are ready to learn more and are unable to attend a live, in-person seminar, watch the complete video, 55-Minute Recorded Seminar: Creating Sustainable Funding for Your Nonprofit, which outlines the Benevon Model, presented by our Founder and CEO, Terry Axelrod.

Testimonial Videos

Our sincere thanks to our alumni groups for sharing these inspiring video testimonials about the success they have achieved using the Benevon Model.

Recorded Webinars

These recorded webinars will introduce you to the Benevon Model—a systematic process for engaging and developing relationships with individual donors.

Benevon's Vimeo Channel

Watch many of the above videos and more on Vimeo.

Benevon's YouTube Channel

Watch many of the above videos and more on YouTube.

Diecisiete Minutos a Fondos Sostenibles

Vea Diecisiete Minutos a Fondos Sostenibles para aprender los conceptos básicos del Modelo Benevon, un sistema paso a paso para la construcción financiación sostenible de donantes individuales de toda la vida basados en la mission.

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Contact us today to learn how the Benevon fundraising model can help you engage committed lifelong donors and develop an effective major gifts program.

"This is a fundraising/relationship building model that can stand long into the future regardless of staff change or economic challenges."

Debra Gunn, Director of Development
Catholic Charities of the East Bay
Oakland, California

"Benevon has taken the guesswork out of sustainable fundraising."

Josh Perkey, Volunteer
Pathways, Inc
Ashland, KY

"It makes me so proud that our attention is focused toward including others in our work in ways that are meaningful to them and are not aimed solely at their ability to give financially."

Travis Jones, Executive Director
Houston, Texas