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Do you want a Culture of Philanthropy?

Contact the fundraising experts at Benevon today to learn how we will help you create lifelong passionate donors and achieve a culture of philanthropy in your organization.

"The Benevon fundraising system has changed our fundraising from special events to lifelong donors and friends."

Lyn Garcia, Chief Development Officer
South Plains Food Bank
Lubbock, Texas

"The impact Benevon has had on our organization has been tremendous. It helped us implement a methodical fundraising system, which we did not have otherwise. The system makes sense and the people associated with Benevon are the real deal. They have the ability and skills to anticipate various scenarios and the tenacity and compassion to get you through them. Most of all, they truly want to help you raise money for your organization and that is, after all, what’s it’s all about!"

Michelle Levy, Vice President of Development
Marbridge Foundation
Manchaca, Texas

"We're building relationships with our donors by sharing stories and showing them first-hand what we do. Once they experience the organization and the mission of the organization, they want to be a part of it."

Miki Farris, Executive Director & Founder
Infant Crisis Services
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma