Inspiring Videos and Stories from Organizations We've Trained

Since 1996, Benevon has worked with more than 5,000 nonprofit teams to build long-term sustainable funding, by customizing our mission-based system to each organization's unique needs.

Our sincere thanks to our alumni groups for sharing these inspiring written and video testimonial stories so generously.

These organizations have generously contributed their stories with the understanding that our readers will not contact them directly. Instead, please contact us with your questions. Thank you for your consideration.

Inspiring Testimonial Stories

Testimonial Videos

Our sincere thanks to our alumni groups for sharing these inspiring video testimonials about the success they have achieved using the Benevon Model.

"Our organization would not be here today if we hadn't been engaged in the Benevon Model."

Alvin Childs, Board President 
Shreveport, Louisiana

"After 25 years in fundraising for non-profits, I am convinced the Benevon Model gives an organization the resources and support to implement sustainable funding for any type of non-profit."

Barbara Auten, Executive Director
Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"This has been the perfect way for us to encourage new people to come and find out what we're about. We've raised $1,038,000 in three years."

Jackie Keady, Donor Relations Manager
Sisters of Providence Health System
Springfield, Massachusetts