Environment & Animal Welfare

Environment & Animal Welfare

Inspiring Videos and Stories from Organizations We've Trained

Since 1996, Benevon has worked with more than 5,000 nonprofit teams to build long-term sustainable funding, by customizing our mission-based system to each organization's unique needs.

Our sincere thanks to our alumni groups for sharing these inspiring written and video testimonial stories so generously.

These organizations have generously contributed their stories with the understanding that our readers will not contact them directly. Instead, please contact us with your questions. Thank you for your consideration.

Inspiring Environment & Animal Welfare Testimonial Stories

Connecting Friends for Life
San Antonio Humane Society
San Antonio, Texas

Avoiding Donor Drift
Ocean Institute
Dana Point, California

Using the Tools to Preserve the Truckee
Truckee River Watershed Council
Truckee, California

"We're still hearing overwhelmingly positive comments about the program. All the testimonials, whether short or long, made our story real for the people in the room -- everyone left feeling very connected to the hospital. The event proved to be wildly successful -- over $500,000 raised!"

Connie Caldwell, Annual Giving Manager
Baton Rouge General Foundation
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Sitting on a board without having Benevon training is like playing chess only understanding half the rules. You can play but the odds are against your being successful."

Larry Wilk, Board Member
Child Crisis Arizona
Mesa, Arizona

"There is purpose to returning to Benevon training every year - I learn something new about the model each time!"

Tina Rosenthal, Ambassador
Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center
Lawrence, Kansas