Testimonial Videos

Our sincere thanks to our alumni groups for sharing these inspiring video testimonials about the success they have achieved using the Benevon Model.

These organizations have generously contributed their stories with the understanding that our readers will not contact them directly. Instead, please contact us with your questions. Thank you for your consideration.

Testimonial from Beatrice Black, Executive Director at from Women's and Children's Alliance in Boise, Idaho

Testimonial from Lynn Bertram, Executive Director at PACE Center for Girls in Jacksonville, Florida
Testimonial from Mattie Fraser, Board Member at PACE Center for Girls in Jacksonville, Florida
Testimonial from Athena Killeen, Volunteer at Women's and Children's Alliance in Boise, Idaho

LeAnn Massey, Executive Director
Respite Care, Fort Collins, Colorado

Testimonial from Terry McNeal, Board President at Respite Care in Fort Collins, Colorado

Testimonial from Lauren White, President & CEO at NewView Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Read inspiring testimonials from organizations that have achieved success with this non profit fundraising approach.

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"We're still hearing overwhelmingly positive comments about the program. All the testimonials, whether short or long, made our story real for the people in the room -- everyone left feeling very connected to the hospital. The event proved to be wildly successful -- over $500,000 raised!"

Connie Caldwell, Annual Giving Manager
Baton Rouge General Foundation
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Without fail people leave our (Point of Entry) tours in tears, moved by what they have seen and heard. They are telling others. Prospective parents attend the tours and leave asking how they can get their student into our school."

Victoria Kennedy, Head of School
Bradford Christian Academy
Haverhill, Massachusetts

"This is the sustainable funding initiative and system I have been looking for all of my career. I can't wait to see the results."

Sunnee O'Rork, Executive Director
i.d.e.a. Museum
Mesa, Arizona